We’re excited to connect with you as you guide people through the most stressful of all clutter situations: moving!

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So many people desperately wish they could sell their homes, but they’re too overwhelmed by their clutter to even reach out to you.

That’s where I come in! I created the No Mess Decluttering Process that tens of thousands of people have used to finally experience decluttering success.

Here’s how I can help YOU as you connect with clients, potential clients and people who are too scared to call you.

Get a free printable with the moving-version of my five step No Mess Decluttering Process here.

Print it out and give copies to your clients. Provide real help for the very real pain point of decluttering for a move.

I’ll also send you periodic tips and strategies that you can share with your own clients and email list to give people hope that decluttering doesn’t need to hold them back from a move.

Host an event in your community.

My very favorite speaking events are ones put on by realtors. Realtors are smart and savvy people who know how to have fun!

Whether you put on an evening event with me as your keynote speaker or have me do a decluttering workshop with multiple sessions, the connections you create with people in your community will be highly valuable in your business.

Many people are scared to sell because they would have to declutter first, but they’ve never been able to declutter before. My process works, even (and especially) for the most overwhelmed.